Notebooks are cool, you must admit, especially ones that have good graphics chipsets, and good technology like Centrino in them. But, of course, they could be better. Gateway certainly thinks so, as they have promised to extend notebook battery life to ten hours. Just the thing if you are on a long flight.

Gateway now claims that its new M460 series offers the punch and the battery life that is expected from a modern mobile computer. [Unlike other desktop replacement notebooks, the M460 series relies on] Pentium-M 750 processors (1.86 GHz), Intel's 915 chipset, and 512 MByte DDR2 memory. The models M460XL and M460CS include a 12-cell primary battery and a 6-cell modular battery for battery run times of up to ten hours and prices of $1400 and $1390, respectively. The models differ in display sizes (15.4-inch WXGA and 15-inch XGA) as well as harddrive capacity (80 GByte and 40 GByte).

Certainly, the world isn't about to be set on fire about the specs, but its so refreshing to see a company like Gateway fighting to do something about battery life, which is the Achilles heal of notebooks.