AMD has released details on its forthcoming dual-core Athlon 64 processors. Details of specifications were a little light, it must be said, but there were some discernable facts:

- 1024 KByte of L2 cache for each CPU for a total of 2 MByte.
- The processor, code-named "Toledo", will be built on 90 nm technology, and will integrate 205 million transistors.
- Runs with the existing 940 chipset and remains in the same power envelope (110 watts) as the current single-core Athlon 64.
- Users who want to upgrade to dual-core from their existing Athlon 64 processors will only have to swap the chip over and then do a BIOS update.
- AMD will introduce dual-core server and workstation processors first and follow then with desktop versions.
- The single-core Athlon FX will remain the choice for gamers.