Mobile phones seem set to do just about everything in the near future, and watching TV on them is just one example. Nokia, who are pioneers in the industry, have just released official confirmation that TV on mobile phone handsets is being tested by 500 subscribers in Finland.

Under this system, real-time television programming from several popular outlets is transmitted to Nokia 7710 smartphones. The phones have to be fitted with special accessory appliances in the Helsinki capital region. The phones can also make direct links to the Internet for access to background information on TV programs or sports results.

In addition to Nokia, several other companies are cooperating in the test, including Digita Oy of Finland, which is managing the service, and mobile phone customers from providers Elisa and Sonera. Other participating firms include Finnish broadcasting company YLE, and programming units of MTV, Nelonen, CNN, BBC World, Euronews, Eurosport, ViVa Plus, and Fashion TV.