The European Commission has said that Microsoft has not implemented the remedy demanded by the European Union for the company's abuse of its dominant position in the server market. The EC carried out market testing, which has determined that Microsoft has failed to implement the remedy on interoperability. Microsoft has been ordered to disclose information to its rivals in order that their servers could interoperate with Microsoft servers, but the EC says that this has not happened.

The commission has... engaged in market testing -- talking to other players in the industry -- to determine if the way Microsoft was disclosing the information was in compliance with the ruling. Microsoft released details on its Web site, telling its rivals how to get licenses for the information.

"The real problems are with access to technical documentation to evaluate whether or not it is worthwhile to take out a license," the spokesman said.

He added that, furthermore, rival server operators have to take out a license for all of the information regardless of their needs. "This means you have to pay for things you don't necessarily need," he said.