With all of these legal battles going on concerning P2P and file swapping, as well as MPAA crackdowns on file-sharing internet users (which seems to have even included sending college kids to jail, or fining them their next decade's wages), you would think that illegal file sharing was on its way out.

Well, if you thought that, then you would be stupid. When on Earth is illegal trading of MP3s and movies on the internet ever going to stop? Probably never.

"This sort of thing is out there now and you can't go - and I may be wrong about this - but I don't think you can go into people's homes and pull (software) out, or that anybody's likely to do that. But it would be an important statement; an important point here is to stop the worst of the activity, stop the people who are making money." - Theodore Olsen, the former U.S. solicitor general.

Tens of millions of people download music and movies illegally every day. It seems very unlikely that any legal or technological solution is going to come along to stop that. More here.