Action RPG game "Jade Empire" has gone gold, according to Bioware and Microsoft Game Studios, who are responsible for the game. North America will have a April 12th release date for the game, with a release in the UK coming not long after that. There will be a limited edition copy available to buy which will come packaged in a hologram box, and will feature an extra character that isn't included in the standard release of the game.

Jade Empire is set in a mythological, fictitious China--a China that, according to Dr. Muzyka, would have existed if the stories and legends were true. As such, you'll find all sorts of mystical elements in the world of Jade Empire, such as powerful magic, evil spirits, and cities floating among the clouds. You'll begin the game as a new player character that can be extensively customized to your tastes, and you'll start out in a training institute, or "stronghold," where you'll hone your fighting skills. Zeschuk and Muzyka didn't divulge the specifics of Jade Empire's story during this early demo, but they did say it would involve an alternate spirit world that parallels the game's reality, and that it would take the player far and wide, from their initial stronghold to mystical cities and fantastical realms spread through the game's world.