Security software maker Symantec has today announced that it has won a $3.1 million default judgment against Sam Jain, who the company sued last year on grounds of software piracy. Symantec began the action in April 2004 against Jain, charging that he and co-defendants used pop-up ads that misled people into believing that their Symantec software was about to expire and needed to be renewed. Those pop-up ads then redirected people to a separate Web site selling Jain's own software.

"Of all the software piracy cases we've been involved with so far, this one in particular posed a number of serious threats to our customers and consumers at large. Jain and his cohorts used pop-up ads and false or misleading advertising to harass, confuse and deceive unsuspecting consumers into purchasing counterfeit software. We're particularly gratified with this judgment." - William Plante, director of Corporate Security and the Brand Protection Task Force for Symantec.