Amazed by dual core processor technology? Well, perhaps it won't be long before that is long in the tooth as well. AMD may well be able to deliver quad core processors by 2007, leading to a new realm of PC performance. Hector Ruiz, head mind in AMD believes that 2007 is indeed a viable target for AMD to deliver quad core chips.

"I’m sure both our competitors and us will be capable of doing that (producing quad-core processors) in a couple of years. The question will be whether we actually do it or not," he said.

"Making transistors is pretty trivial," Ruiz told a pair of IDG hacks, "We can make hundreds of millions of transistors. Figuring out what the hell to do with those transistors is the challenge. One could choose, for example, to have heterogeneous cores. You could have two cores that are different instead of the same. That opens up a completely different array of possibilities."