The Inquirer has posted a review of "Tiger", the new Mac OS X release. The article provides a good, quick read on installation, initial impressions, new features and much more. Calling "Tiger" a "great OS", the article paints a picture of a product that beats not just the previous Mac OS version Panther, but also gives Windows XP a good run for its money too. The author notes improvements in speed and performance, as well as ease of installation and the moves that have been made towards a more UNIX-like system.

The author does mention games support in Mac OS (or lack thereof) but does take care to properly attribute this to a hardware problem, as opposed to a software one. There is also note of the working group set up by Apple, NVIDIA and ATI to improve games performance on the platform.

So is Tiger any good? Yes, it's worth the upgrade from Panther. It does everything that Windows XP does, and in many cases it does it better, or simpler, or faster.