Yet more problems have been found in Internet Explorer which could lead to security compromises. This time, it is a high-risk flaw in Microsoft's Outlook and in IE which can seemingly be executed on a target machine with minimal user interaction. Although the flaw has been known about since 5th May, and was promptly reported to Microsoft, a spokesperson for the software giant said that they were investigating the issue, and nothing more. Microsoft, who have been in the past criticised for not releasing patches quickly enough, have seen IE picked apart by security companies this year, as they find flaw after flaw after flaw. The problems exist in Windows NT, 2000, XP and at least some versions of Windows 2003. Microsoft, however, seem pretty unconcerned.

"At this time, Microsoft is not aware of any malicious attacks attempting to exploit the reported vulnerabilities, and there is no customer impact based on this issue." - Microsoft.