Keen to expand into Korea and China, where Linux is going strong and getting stronger, the Open Source Development Labs have cut a sixth of their staff. The organisation, which is based in the US, is making moves to establish a European office in addition to the Chinese and Korean efforts. The OSDL, which in addition to development of the Linux OS also works with IT suppliers and Linux customers to promote open source options, has made a number of changes effecting its development, sales and marketing divisions.

Meanwhile, IBM announced today that it would be working with Red Hat to bring universities up to scratch in their teachings of open source skills. The IBM Academic Initiative and Red Hat Academy will be collaborating with universities to help students develop the skills to work with Linux in a modern IT world.

"Open Source skills are highly regarded by employers. This reflects the widespread adoption of Linux in the mainstream enterprise," said Peter Childers, vice president of Global Learning Services at Red Hat.