America Online is to offer unlimited email space to its paying subscribers. Additionally, users of AIM will also get their own email inbox - with 2 GByte storage space. Yes, in an effort to try and squash Yahoo! and Google in the e-mail storage battle, AOL is offering unlimited email storage space and a new email service for its instant messenger as it battles for market shares.

The 22.2 million paying customers of America Online (AOL) now can save and store an unlimited number of e-mails, attachments and folders on AOL's servers, according to an announcement made on Monday. The offer affects all - primary and secondary - email accounts. According to the company, there are 80 million AOL email accounts in use today.

New is also a feature that allows AOL subscribers to log in with up to seven screen names at the same time and from multiple locations. Previously, this feature was only available to members accessing AOL over a high-speed Internet connection.

Even non-paying AOL users will be able to take advantage of the new email strategy. The provider launched a web-based e-mail service called AIM Mail. The service integrates spam and virus protection as well as 2 GByte of storage and lets users use their AIM screen name as their e-mail address.