Recently, we were discussing the possibility of an Intel CPU powered Apple Mac being able to tri-boot Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. With the recent move to Intel chips by Apple, as well as the recent release of a Mac compatible Fedora Core 4, this does seem more and more likely. However, will we really be able to get Windows XP or Longhorn to run on a Mac?

Well, the answer at the moment from Apple is: "We are not saying no." They will not stand in the way of users dual booting with XP if they can get their Macs to run it. Whether this will actually ever work, though, is kind of still a mystery.

So far Apple hasn't discouraged the idea of running Windows on its forthcoming Intel gear. Meanwhile, Microsoft, sources familiar with the company's plans said, is considering how and whether to support Windows on the forthcoming Apple hardware as well.

Although it has no plans to license its OS X to other PC makers, such as Dell Inc., Apple will not prevent Windows and applications that run on the operating system from working on its future Intel-based Macs, company executives said.
So, we really could be looking at the Mac supporting all three of these wonderful operating systems at some future time. Think what this would be like - you would be compatible with all three of these major desktops! You'd potentially be compatible with a huge range of stuff, just right there on your Mac or Powerbook.