Microsoft's new game Perfect Dark Zero is not due for release until this winter, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from launching a website for the game beforehand. The new game, which will debut about the same time as the Xbox 360, is the long awaited prequel to the acclaimed Nintendo 64 game released back in 2000. Perfect Dark Zero will really raise standards for console shooters, since it has support for up to 50 simultaneous players on Xbox Live.

Perfect Dark Zero chronicles the adventures of the first lady of bounty hunting, Joanna Dark. The mission of this website is to give you a direct communication uplink to the game's creators plus all the tools and tips needed to forge Joanna Dark into the perfect agent! Return often for the latest briefings from the creators of Perfect Dark Zero. Decode the secrets of Joanna Dark's world, secure information on the game's cutting-edge online features, obtain game help, and infiltrate the forums to share your thoughts about the game that will be the grid's hottest fusion of action, stealth, and adventure!