Promising to unveil technology that would allow it to rival and eventually beat Google, Microsoft has announced that it will conquer the search market. Speaking at a gathering in Australia, CEO Steve Ballmer boasted that Microsoft would make significant gains on Google within six months.

Mr. Ballmer told a gathering in Australia that Microsoft will catch up to search engine leader Google in terms of relevancy. "Well, if anyone thinks innovation is done in search, you're wrong. Does anyone here really believe search is going to look like it does now in 10 years?" he asked.
How will Microsoft achieve this tremendous victory? Well, a new beta concept on its MSN portal called Newsbot may be the answer. Newsbot, like Google, uses a computer algorithm to identify and rank news stories posted on a variety of sources. Microsoft is also working on a corporate desktop search product, and is hoping to release a beta version of that software later in the year.