Last week, it emerged that Microsoft was pushing ahead with blocking technology that will require people to validate their copies of Windows. Their adoption of the Genuine Advantage 1.0 program meant that anyone accessing Windows Update, Microsoft Update for Windows or the Microsoft Download Center has to have a genuine copy of Windows. Now, it has emerged that the technology has been hacked and defeated.

By pasting a special JavaScript command in the address bar of the browser, users can disable the Windows Genuine Advantage 1.0 check that Microsoft took live last week.

The Microsoft technology uses an ActiveX tool to force users to go through an authentication check before they are allowed to access certain download sections on the website. The JavaScript command simply instructs the computer to disable the WGA check and take the user straight to the downloads.

Users of pirated Windows copies still get access to security updates without passing the WGA check.
Microsoft is currently investigating the hack, and making moves to render it useless.