Would you pay $20 for a few hours of using the Internet? What if you were 10,000 feet above the ground in a giant aluminum can? Perhaps. Connexion, a subsidiary of Boeing, is counting on just that. In the works for quite some time, plans were announced yesterday that they would be working in concert with Intel to provide wireless Internet access to airline passengers on Boeing jets in the very near future.

With over 600+ companies pitching in and over 70,000 hot spots, Connexion hopes to provide the service in multiple ways, both through their own accounts and your existing roaming accounts. With Intel on board the technology is going to be good, at least they claim. From the list of country airlines they are targeting, it looks promising. I can't imagine getting all that much bandwidth so far up there... but I doubt that matters. It's hard to keep sane up in the sky - Little kids kicking the back of your seat make it hard. A little internet might go a long way.