If you know anything about hardcore hardware, you know about Crucial. If it's Crucial, it's good. If it's Crucial, it's fast. And now it is doubly so. With a 500mhz operating frequency giving it an effective 1000mhz DDR speed, Crucial's newest beast in the Ballistix line of their products is some extremely fast stuff.

“Just in time for the gaming season, the Crucial Ballistix high-performance memory line is getting an upgrade of its own – introducing Crucial Ballistix PC2-8000 (DDR2-1000) high-performance memory – the fastest Ballistix offering yet,”

Though the latency on these modules is a bit high at CL5, the sheer speed of these is going to make up for it. No motherboards on the market yet officially support DDR2-1000, the majority of boards not even supporting DDR-800. This is still an absolute incredible way to go for an overclocker though, and offers plenty of headroom for upgrades in the future. Even at the low voltage of 2.2V, I can imagine these things are quite the cookers. I expect to see memory modules requiring heavy duty ramsinks or perhaps even active coolers in the near future.