We all love games. For most of us, we've been playing games for years. Even though I was just a kid, I was totally thrilled about the original NES, and played every game we got to death. As consoles and computers improve, games get prettier and faster, but no matter how much they improve, the oldies still remain goodies. Nintendo has been a bit shy when it comes to details about their next-gen console, the Revolution, especially with the huge amount of press surrounding the PS3 and the X-Box 2. Recently, however, they gave us a wonderful tidbit. “Classic” games will be playable on the Revolution – And will be provided for free. Straight from the article:

"People sort of picked on us for not prematurely jumping into online or Internet gaming," he mused, going on to point out that now the company has more to offer besides online gaming. Harrison then confirmed that past-gen, Nintendo-created titles will indeed be downloadable for free.
This is a fantastic thing. Those in the emulation community will especially appreciate this. Although the full details are yet to surface, such as what games are considered classic (NES vs SNES, et cetera) and how many / what games will be provided, the fact that it is happening alone is exciting. There is a blurb here, which links to the full article discussing this here. Old and new gamers alike will love this. I have not purchased a console since the SNES, but this has definitely made me consider getting one of these.