Some info has emerged on the prices of forthcoming Xbox 360 game titles. Many had feared that, in UK prices, games would cost about £45 each (a total rip off if you ask me!) but it seems that all is not quite so bad. has begun listing Xbox 360 games for pre order with the prices at either £29.99 or £32.99. So far the only games listed are Call of Duty 2 - £29.99, Kameo: Elements of Power - £29.99, Perfect Dark Zero - £32.99, Quake 4 - £29.99, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - £29.99 and GUN - £29.99.
Release dates for some of these titles are as follows:

Quake 4 and Tony Hawk's listed for release on October 28th, Call of Duty 2 listed for release on November 25th, GUN on November 11th, Perfect Dark Zero on December 2nd and Kameo on December 9th.