At this years QuakeCon event, a popular gaming fest that focuses around first person shooter tournaments, Alienware is going to be awarding a very high-end system to one individual. Alienware is reknowned for their pricey, but extremely powerful, customized desktop systems, specifically targetted at enthusiasts. They will do this on the basis of “tweaking”. The Alienware Aurora ALX, which retails at $6800 USD, is going to be given to someone who brings in their own PC, and scores the highest in a combined benchmark. The event itself is hosted in Texas and draws thousands of people each year to participate. Doubtless many will enter this contest. To me, however, it seems a bit backwards: Awarding an expensive, high-end computer to someone who already has an expensive, high-end computer. It will be interesting to see what other criteria they will use to determine the winner.