Filemaker Pro 8 has been released by Filemaker Inc, who claim that the software is the key to making sharing information easier and faster than ever. Modern businesses face many troublesome tasks, such as tracking inventory, tracking products their customers have ordered in the past, or organising digital images, and sometimes this is achieved using a mess of PC and paper. Filemaker Pro 8 aims to make that kind of working a thing of the past, with new features including PDF Maker, Excel Maker, Fast Send, Fast Match and E-mail Merge.

The PDF Maker lets you convert graphics, reports and other information into PDF files right within Filemaker Pro 8, attach the file to e-mail and send it off to a customer. Ryan Rosenberg, Filemaker's vice president of marketing, says this makes it easy for a company to keep its customers updated on new products. "For example, if a company makes protective covers for small aircraft, they can PDF a brochure and send it out to show customers the latest product." He added that the recipients don't need to have Filemaker to access the information.