Well this is totally funky - a laptop with a detachable screen! Samsung is claiming the world's first in this area, with their unveiling of the M70, a laptop that can compete on both the notebook and desktop levels thanks to a mammoth 19in detachable monitor. M70's LCD monitor can be placed in a dock, making it into a desktop PC of sorts. But the real revolution is in the ability to upgrade with minimum expense. Now, one can simply upgrade the body of the machine, without having to get a new screen. About time someone thought of this, I'd say.

This boasts environmental benefits. Not chucking out an entire notebook means less waste and will help meet the EC WEEE directive that will soon come into force, making equipment manufacturers responsible for the safe disposal of their products.
As the proud owner of a Samsung P28, I can confirm that Samsung notebooks are of a high standard, are easily and simply upgradeable, and are robust. The M70 comes with an Intel Centrino mobile processor chip, Samsung's AVS Now technology, four USB ports and a full-sized keyboard with a PCMCIA type remote control device. It weighs 4.4kg.