In the UK, BT is to begin trials at four sites in Yorkshire and five in Northern Ireland with the aim of bringing broadband to the unconnected masses. BT will install kit in cabinets next to people’s homes with the aim of bringing DSL to customers who are currently not within reach. Later in the year, BT will kick-off separate trials near Dorchester, Dorset, and in the Kingswells area of Aberdeen.

In a statement Cameron Rejali, MD for products and strategy at BT Wholesale: "While the vast majority of people can now get access to broadband we haven't lost sight of the small pockets where access to this vital technology remains an issue.

"We're investigating a range of possible solutions which might help us get broadband to small pockets of customers in certain areas."
It’s not so difficult now to imagine a very near future where broadband internet will be as common as the telephone. Indeed, it’s likely that within even a few years, provision of services like TV and telephone will entirely depend on a broadband internet connection. As so commonly happens, what was once seen as a luxury or an extravagance will become pretty much the norm.