A lot of people, enthusiasts and others, are very much into choosing a laptop over a desktop for various reasons. Whether it is space, power consumption, portability, ease of implementation... etc. The past year has seen huge leaps in the 3D and CPU performance of laptops, and they are becoming almost preferable in many situations – Such as places with hot environments. Anyone considering this will be interested in the following article. Phoronix has some benchmarks of a newest-core Pentium M placed into a newer laptop. The results are more than surprising, they are encouraging – The Pentium M has received a lot of praise for its high performance at low clock speeds, and it delivers quite well, definitely enough to be suitable as a desktop replacement. This new core supports 533MHz FSB as well as onboard DDR2. The newest 915 Mobile Chipset seems to fare quite well and is on par with 915 Desktop motherboards. Intel won't be selling the desktop versions anymore, though, but the performance is still decent.

Although it only covers a single laptop, the focus is very heavy on the CPU and Memory (thus the Chipset). Pretty much any mobile with the same configuration of CPU and Chipset is going to deliver the same performance. As with some earlier revisions we may even see desktop boards using the mobile Chipsets and mobile CPUs. The performance of the CPU is quite convincing for an overclocker, imagining how far it could be pushed with a desktop machine.