Google may be close to launching a Wi-Fi service, after a downloadable Wi-Fi client application became available on their website. The software is known as Google Secure Access, and promises to help users to establish a more secure Wi-Fi connection. Currently, the service is only available in certain locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Google acquired the wireless technology company Android in July and has reportedly been buying up dark fiber-optic wiring in different locations around the country for broadband access.

The company’s second stock offering earlier raised considerable funds that could enable the Mountain View, California, search giant to expand into becoming an infrastructure provider.
Google is known for providing time for its engineers to work on independent research projects, and seemingly this new service is the result of a Google engineer’s work in his own downtime. However, Google has made extensive moves into the Wi-Fi industry.

"One of our engineers recognized that secure Wi-Fi was virtually nonexistent at most locations," said the FAQ. "As a result, he used his 20 percent project time to begin an initiative to offer users more secure Wi-Fi access. Google Secure Access is the result of this endeavor."