OCZ has unveiled a new large size DDR memory kit at very high speed. The new OCZ Platinum EB 2GB memory kit runs at a very fast 250MHz (500Mhz DDR) and comes in a kit of 2 1GB sticks each, with very decent timings all at 3-3-2-8, definitely a step up from their last line and quite a high one in the market as well. They operate at a bit higher voltage than standard DDR does, but can still be passively cooled and give a speed that far exceeds what any CPU on a DDR platform would require, giving you plenty of room for overclocking and tweaking. This RAM is of coursed geared towards gamers and performance nuts, and the stock copper heatspreader along with a lifetime warranty means that the 2GB Platinum 4000 EB kit will come at an OCZ price, a trade off for the awesome performance. Though DDR2 may be the future it still has a long ways to do, and with DDR speeds able to nearly match DDR2, DDR still has a long way to go and a lot to offer.