Cisco Systems has developed a security service along with Trend Micro Inc. that's designed to cut down on the spread of worms and viruses. The company is expected to announce the new technology along with a number of new security features for its networking products very soon. Dubbed the Cisco Incident Control System (ICS), the new service will help administrators set network security policies on Cisco hardware based on information provided by Trend Micro Inc. The technology will enable Cisco customers to block the spread of malicious software by using the service to distribute mitigation policies across Cisco networks. It will save network administrators time by automating router and switch configuration, and will help protect networks from known threats, like the recent Zotob family of worms.

"This is really something that delivers an entirely new class of response time," Joel McFarland, a product manager at Cisco's security technology group said. "In a single choreographed move, I can force the enterprise to take a more protective posture."