According to an article over at Neowin, an online company has founded, a webmail service ala gmail that offers a stunning 30GB of space for your messages. What's even more perplexing then the thought of what would one do with 30GB of space is that they are apparently planning to expand it to 50 and even 100GB in the future. It almost sounds too good to be true, in fact, and as the article points out some have found it a bit risque. Whether or not it is on the up and up remains to be seen, but as others it is an invite-only service. In my entire life I have never had an Inbox that totaled more than a gig, and in my years as a technician I've never seen any one particular user even in a heavy business environment have an Inbox larger than 4GB - And that's with daily-sent video attachments.

30GB? Unlike most software out in the world today, the typical e-mail has not really grown that much in size. In 1990, a typical e-mail would have been between 500 bytes to 2KBytes in size. Even today most of the messages I receive, with or without HTML formatting, are still in the range of about 1KByte to 5Kbyte. Minus spam and attachments, of course. The jury is still out on 30gigs, but we'll keep you posted.