Though not exactly an innovation, it is still a very interesting and unique thing that PowerColor, normally known as an entry-level contender, has offered enthusiasts. PowerColor X800 GT EVO is launched as the first video card to come to market with a waterblock by default, already configured and ready to go. This puppy comes with the ThermalTake TideWater cooler, something you'd normally buy after market and fit yourself. The noise level of this guy peaks at 19dB, which can be annoying, but can sit as low as 17dB, almost inaudible in a normal office or desk setting.

The game results aren't really all that interesting. It's on par with any other X800 GT, and in fact the overclocking results didn't pan out so well for this card. It managed to get a decent boost over stock GPU speed, but nothing to write about home at 17%. However, it's a sign of great things to come - As newer GPUs start to fill up the current models and if the idea of a pre-fitted waterblock takes hold, we'll be able to push our cards even further without having to give up the entire wallet. Definitely worth a read if you are into exotics.