Microsoft's J Allard has admitted that any early games that are produced for the Xbox 360 won't even begin to tap into the true power of the console. There could well be some titles that look and feel pretty impressive, but its likely that early games will not be much more exciting than existing Xbox games.

"[Developers] are cutting corners. I mean, basically, what happens is when you get final hardware late, you're sloppy," said Allard.
This is why Allard believes that the second round of games on Xbox 360 will likely be much more indicative of the true power of the console than the first.

"[Developers will] be able to get a lot more out of the system next year," Allard says. "That's why games look better year over year. It's primarily because hardware comes in hot and developers use the deficiency of the schedule not just to learn about hardware, but also to cut a couple of corners."