The possibilities of the Internet will become even greater when broadband speeds start to get faster and faster. In the UK, BT has announced that it is to trial a "Max" service that will offer speeds of 8 Meg. Yes, you heard that right, 8 Meg. Just imagine how fast you could download that ISO file of your favourite Linux, or how smoothly and trouble free your Internet gaming would be at that speed!

Beginning next month BT Wholesale is due to begin market trials in some 53 exchanges dotted around Greater London, Cornwall, Strathclyde, Northern Ireland and South Glamorgan.

"This trial phase is essential to ensure our higher speed broadband products and systems meet the reliability standards that service providers and end users expect," said BT Wholesale bod Cameron Rejali.
Ultimately, all of BT's 5,300 broadband-enabled exchanges across the UK are due to be upgraded. However, BT's rivals Telewest and NTL are already rolling out 10 Meg broadband over their cable networks!