nVidias next line of video drivers (at least for Windows) will support not just SLI, but multi-GPU per PCB SLI. Several manufacturers already have multi-GPU cards in the works and a few, like ASUS, already have a product for the market. That puts a quad-SLI scenario in the very near future, and what a possibility that could be. SLI has been a mixed bag but is continually getting better, and there are a lot of numbers out there showing some screaming performance. Of course, this also brings about concerns of screaming power draw. Despite all the hype about lowering power consumption and manufacturers really going for green computing, computers are drawing more and more power. In most systems today, the video cards are oft becoming the biggest hog. If anyone recalls the near-fabled 3DFX Voodoo 5 6000, which had 4 GPUs on a single PCB, it required an external power supply. The new offering for dual GPU from ASUS does the same. And with the potential for 4 GPUs across two cards in that tight space - hot.