Nortel and Websense are to work together to develop web content filtering technology to protect GSM/UMTS mobile handsets. The work will help prevent such handsets from receiving unwanted material.

"Wireless service providers and subscribers alike are finding their handsets increasingly receiving unwanted or even malicious content from spammers, hackers or overly aggressive marketers," said Brian Burke, IDC.
Websense URL filtering technology will be combined with Nortel's GSM/UMTS wireless packet core system. Delivery is expected by the end of 2005. Mobile subscribers will be able to request the operator to automatically block unwanted content.

"The task of protecting mobile subscribers and their devices from unwanted content has become a significant concern for wireless carriers and subscribers around the globe as new voice, video and data services are increasingly accessed on the go," said Deborah Bourland, vice president, GSM/UMTS packet core product line management, Nortel.