Let's not jump the gun here. Dell has mentioned several times the possibility of selling AMD-based systems. They've toyed with the idea of retail AMD several times, have likely been in millions of talks with AMD, but have stayed true to Intel for a long time. Dell is Intel's biggest reseller, and likely the two companies enjoy their relationship. According to the article, though, Dell is gearing up for AMD and is telling some of their contractors to prepare for construction of systems based on AMD processors. These companies include ASUS, Foxconn and Quanta. With incredible leaps in AMD adoption, perhaps Dell is realizing that continuing to ignore the smaller giant isn't as good for business as once thought. Whether this is a sign of AMD making waves or Dell sticking to Intel, as some rumors in the past would have us believe, isn't known. Every year or so we hear another "Dell to go AMD", perhaps only to scare Intel into offering Dell better deals. Time will tell, and perhaps this time they mean it.