As the popularity and ease of use of online downloading becomes clearer, more and more people are switching to places like iTunes for music access. According to one analyst firm, iTunes outdid Borders for music sales, along with Tower Records, who both offer brick and mortar CD sales. The article states that iTunes has been put into the top 10 for sales for the first time. And more growth is expected.

"Taking their growth and others' pain, it's not inconceivable to see them cracking into higher ground in the foreseeable future," said NPD music and movies industry analyst Russ Crupnick.
The measuring could be considered slanted, as they took a figure of "12 songs" downloaded online to be equal to one CD bought in the store, but most people do not buy a CD for all the songs, but for a select few. So the figure could actually swing both ways. I wonder how it would compare if the figures were "1 song per unique album" compared to 1 CD.