A study by European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) has shown that France leads the rest of Europe in the numbers of hours spent online by Internet users. Britain and Spain follow on from the French. It's turned out that the average French user now spends 13 hours a week online, as compared with 11 each for Britain. The Spanish also spend 11 hours, and there is a European average of 10-1/4 hours. Italians spend the least time online, with an average of only eight hours per week.

The study also revealed a new group of super Internet users across Europe, with 24 percent of the respondents spending more than 16 hours a week using the Internet and 69 percent online five or more days a week.

"The figures for broadband users are even more staggering, with nearly a third spending more than 16 hours per week online," the EIAA said in a statement.