Xbox 360 bidding seems to have gotten a little out of control, with some quite silly stuff going on. Some people have apparently offered hundreds of dollars just to buy the cardboard box that the product comes in. Others have bid $630 merely for a picture of the next generation console. Some systems have attracted bid of as high as $600 or more on eBay this week.

One box seller said his listing was just a joke.

"I never (actually) thought people would bid on this," wrote the seller, who goes by the eBay screen name "silentbarrel," in response to an e-mail inquiry Friday. "I thought most people that were spending any money on anything would read what they are buying."

"Silentbarrel" wasn't even offering a real Xbox box, but rather a homemade one. He explained that he had alerted the buyer to the ruse after the auction ended, saying not to send the $611 payment.