GeIL has announced the released of a new set of performance ultra-low latency PC3200 DDR. “DDR-UltraX nForce 4 Edition” as they call it is a standard DDR400 module being offered in 256MB and 512MB single kits, along with 512MB and 1GB matched kits. While DDR400 isn't exactly impressive these days, the timings on these modules are extremely tight, rated at CAS 2-2-2-5, designed especially for the nForce 4 chipset. Apparently, in other chipsets, it may not be able to achieve those ratings:

”The new DDR UltraX nForce4 Edition is now being added to GeIL’s DDR performance memory module lineup. This particular UltraX model is specially designed for nForce4 platform motherboards with the ultra low latency of 2-2-2-5 1T command. Even though this model of DDR UltraX is named nForce4 Edition, it will still work on most Intel based motherboards with CAS clocking at 2-3-3-6.”
While we know that CAS timings are not everything and that raw clock speed is more important than timings, lower timings do mean more responsive RAM with higher quality chips, and the tighter the stock timings are, the more attractive they are to overclockers. The lower the timings, the more likely the RAM will be stable at higher speeds with higher timings. These GeIL sticks come with a lifetime warranty and heat spreader.