In a list of the UK's six leading broadband ISPs, Telewest has come first. NTL (the provider I currently use, although maybe not for much longer) has come last, in the 2005 UK Residential Broadband Internet Service Providers Satisfaction Study by JD Power and Associates. Telewest did very well in performance and reliability, customer service/technical support, a sharp contrast to NTL who scored significantly below the industry average on all factors except cost of the service. AOL UK is in second place. BT was fifth, attracting sharp criticism for its high prices.

Despite NTL’s poor performance, it does seem that people are interested in receiving bundled services (i.e. cable TV, broadband and telephone) on one bill. NTL is planning a merger with Telewest at some time soon, so it will be interesting to see if things improve for that provider in terms of customer satisfaction.