Asustek is expanding their horizons and introducing their first set of LCD Televisions, in what will become a continuing series. Looking for a spot in the high-end market, Asustek is introducing their TLW32001, at 32 inches, at just under $1900 USD. At first, Asustek will only be releasing product in Taiwan, and has not yet given any release dates for products outside Taiwan. Though, with an incredible amount of demand for high end displays in places like Japan and the U.S. It's a sure bet to say it won't be long. The LCD, while not overly impressive, sounds pretty decent.

”Using a Sharp TFT LCD TV panel, the TLW32001 features a resolution of 1366×768, a brightness of 500cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1200:1. The TV also has a 6ms response time and a viewing angle of 170 degrees, as well as including an HDMI (High Definition Media Interface), according to the company’s press release.”
Early next year they will start offering 42 inch models as well.