SiS's 761GX chipset has been getting fairly decent reviews across the board, with many manufacturers incorporating the revamped design into their newer motherboards. While formerly relegated to a small niche portion of the market, lately SiS has been emerging as a serious contender. Most recently, PCCHIPS, typically an entry-level player, has now started using the SiS761GX / SiS965L as their chipset of choice for their A31G motherboard, an Athlon64/Sempron supporting board. With PCI Ex 16, Mirage 1 embedded graphics, along with support for external video cards and performance reviews that put it as a good fit for an entry level to midrange market, SiS is pushing their way in. While currently there is no contest for the high end, it's encouraging to see vendors being inventive. So far, the companies Foxconn, Axper and Fujitsu have also begun using the 761GX chipset in their hardware.