Although no release dates are available yet, these are the first solid plans we've seen and this may be the first notebook in the market of its type. The planned LaVie RX LR900/ED will come touting, along with DDR2 RAM and the Intel 945 chipset, a dual-core 'Yonah' processor, long raved by Intel and long awaited as the successor to Pentium M. Available to run over 4 hours on battery, supporting gigabit ethernet, USB 2.0 and firewire and a 100GB disk standard, the notebook sounds decent for a high end solution, albelt with Intel's GMA 950 video, though the real hot ticket here is Yonah. The only release date given was 2006, meaning we may still be waiting for quite some time, but either way we look forward to what Yonah can deliver.