The high-end card market gets all the attention usually, even when it comes to multimedia users, since often the most popular multimedia video card series out there, the All In Wonder, is coupled with a high end GPU. Thankfully, ATI is providing a sub-$200 All-In-Wonder PCI-Ex card in the form of the “All-InWonder 2006 PCI Express” edition. Based on the X1300, the card is by no means a performance king and the benchmarks show just that, but it has all the beautiful additions the All In Wonder series brings along with it that make the card attractive for use in a TV/Freevo/MythTV/Home Theater/etc situation. The card does natively support Shader Model 3.0, the hyped Avivo, HDR and more, so despite having less kick than faster cards it still has all their features. It is a 90nm part that should consume less power than previous models.

The review goes into video quality, one of the most important aspects when selecting a media card, and highlights the increasing need for high quality input sources such as HDTV. Gamers won't be wanting to go anywhere near this, but anyone building or upgrading a multimedia machine should take a look.