A company CEO isn't always the best choice for public relations, and popular online retailer Overstock.com probably isn't an exception. Overstock.com has earned a lot of fame in the past few years for being a one size fits all retailer that deals exclusively online, but offering far beyond just techie items. Patrick Bryne, a CEO of the company recently went on interview with some rather “interesting” statements, including talking about bodies being found in his trunk and griping about a “Sith Lord” set to dismantle the company. Or at least, that's what you'll see at the Register. It wouldn't be the first time a company was spearheaded by a nut, but sometimes the craziest group of people can do amazing things. Then again, the actions of one CEO do not represent the company itself, or so most disclaimers would have you believe. Read it for yourself, it's almost hard to believe.