Skype has earned a lot of fame as being a premier Internet phone service. They are looking to expand and D-Link is helping them out. In a recently formed partnership, D-Link will be producing an adapter that will attach to a PC via USB that will allow you to plug any analog telephone into it and be able to make calls using Skype's VoIP services. While many people are attracted by the idea of free international calling, the overhead of having to buy new phones often scares many away. The DPH-50U will be available via D-Link or Skype and will retail at $70. With companies like Vonage and Skype moving to introduce VoIP to the masses, many traditional phone companies have responded angrily, some even to the point of blocking VoIP traffic. VoIP isn't going away though, and the easier it is to adapt into your home the more people will go for it.