Seagate is up to good things. Everybody loves laptops, and the second biggest hurdle with them right now after power consumption is storage capacity. We're already seeing plans for laptops with RAID. Now Seagate is announcing the development of a 160GB 2.5” drive, the largest to date. It will feature perpendicular recording, a method of writing to the physical platters that is more efficient that the current horizontal spread that modern HDD use. They're also looking to step into the home media segment, though more from a backstab solution standpoint, with a 500GB external “one push-button” system. SATA, even externally, is much faster than USB and FireWire by a good margin, and just about all modern HDD can fully saturate the bandwidth that USB offers. Given the popularity of external storage, adopting external SATA is a great idea. These announcements are being made official at the Consumer Electronics Show.