Hewlett-Packard is expanding their product line, most especially in digital media, with the release of not only televisions, but digital cameras as well. HP's new HDTV line use LCD, microdisplay and plasma screen, supports "HP" Advanced Digital Media (which, among other things, lets the TV decode high quality videos natively from another source). They're also offering new cameras in the Photosmart line, adding four models that will range from $119 to just under $400. They haven't neglected notebooks, and HP notebooks are one of the most popular brands you can pick up. Their "digital entertainment" theme is kept with the DV8000 series of notebooks, some of which will include built in webcams. HP will also be developing an online video service designed for home-created movies.

"The service uses technology designed to convert most digital video formats into a common one that can be played through most Internet browsers. HP will promote the product with a month's free service, after which it plans to charge a monthly fee of $2.99."
I wonder what they mean by "most" Internet browsers, but the service is still unique in that is is targeting people wishing to share home movies. All of these things were revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show.