Ever drop a cell phone or a PDA? If you have, you know that it's often one of the most terrifying digital disasters you can suffer. Often you may get lucky, but drop that brand new $200 phone onto concrete when you haven't bought a replacement plan and... ouch. Companies are aware of this, and more durable products are being released. Symbol Technologies is working on an extra durable handheld, providing not only enhanced shock protection but also waterproofing. The MC9097 handheld can supposedly withstand a 6 foot fall onto concrete, something that would surely destroy almost all other techie gear out there. There's also offering the MC70, a handheld using the Cingular network, that can survive a drop as well (though not as far) and is capable of being cleaned in Isopropyl Alcohol and still function. Though we're not quite to the point of putting our computers in the dishwashers, the utter fragility of many products makes marketing them sometimes trickier. Just think back to last year's scratchy iPod incidents.