A day after Intel announces poorer than expected revenue for Q4 2005, AMD posts their own earnings for the end of the year. AMD's total Q4 sales were $1.84 Billion, which resulted in a net profit gain for the company. AMD's sales rose by 45% in comparison to the year before, an impressive gain. In total, AMD pulled in $5.85 billion for the year, another overall increase for them. They put a lot of the weight of the gain into the huge success of the Athlon64 and the gains that Opteron made in the server market.

”“AMD’s growth rate increased in the fourth quarter resulting in continued market share gains across server, desktop and mobile product lines,” said Robert J. Rivet, AMD’s chief financial officer. “In addition to solid execution against our product and technology strategies, we made significant strides in the quarter to improve our balance sheet by significantly reducing our debt and increasing our cash and short-term investment balance to $1.8 billion.”
With increased revenue, we hope AMD will do the wise thing and continue to improve. Intel is definitely going to be bringing on the heat this year, and AMD will have to introduce a new socket, which often can be met with poor reception. AMD no longer has the price edge they used to for a standard system, and Intel's dual-core laptop CPUs are going to be a hot ticket. I can't wait to see how AMD's dual core mobile chips will perform, and everything else they are planning for 2006.